Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5 busy days at home, then it's back to Salt Lake!

     We have been home from PCMC for 4 days.  We were discharged last Friday.  The transplant team and nurses and doctors and pharmacists and everyone were incredible.  They knew that I really wanted to be home for Brock's game that started that night at 5:00, so we really needed to leave the hospital by noon, and they did everything they possibly could to get me there.  Abby had her echo first thing in the morning, it looked great!  Then we had to see Dr. E and the transplant team and get some final instructions and a new med schedule.  They made some major adjustments to Abby's meds in hopes that it can help her to start feeling better, then some meds were also added again because of her rejection.  She's now taking a bunch of meds again, it reminds us of the right after her transplant!

Thankfully, she should be coming off of some these very soon.  We also had to pick up some new meds at the pharmacy, they even hurried to get us out of there on time.  So, after we finished everything we had to do, we were walking out of the hospital doors at 12:20-pretty good!

     We stopped for gas and lunch on the way home, but mostly we just hurried.  I knew that I couldn't go too fast because I couldn't get another ticket, but it was amazing because no matter how fast I was driving, there was always someone else driving faster, so they could get the ticket instead of me!  I pulled in our driveway and dropped Abby off, and walked down to the game.  Right when I walked into the stadium they started singing the National Anthem, perfect timing!  You wouldn't think that it would matter to a 16-year-old kid if his mom is at his football game or not, but it does, Brock even told me he looked up in the stands to see if I was there!  It was a good thing that I was there too because Brock was amazing!  Desert Hills was only up by 6 with a couple of minutes left in the game.  Bear River had the ball and only had to go about 30 yards to score, and it was only first down.  Brock made the last 3 tackles in the game, which made Desert Hills win, it was awesome.  I'm thrilled he played so well, he needed it, we had had a rough week and he really needed the boost.  I love that he was interviewed after the game, usually linemen don't get recognized, but this time Brock did, and he deserved it.  Now they move on to the semi-finals against Spanish Fork.  I thought I was so smart when I scheduled Abby's biopsy next biopsy.  I thought the game would be at Rice Eccles on Friday night, so I scheduled her biopsy for Friday morning, but, it turns out that the game is Thursday night instead.  So, I'll teach school for a half day on Thursday, then we'll load back in the car again and head up to Salt Lake for the game on Thursday night and the biopsy/cath on Friday morning.  Hopefully we'll be back home by Friday night with the news that Abby isn't in rejection anymore!  I hope we win on Thursday so that we can go back up next week and watch the championship game!

This is Brock after getting done with his interviews, I think he was pretty excited!

I think this is the last play of the game, Brock's #77, great stop!

So far this week we've had some good things happen, and some not so good.  Abby is finally feeling a little better.  Today is the first day she hasn't had a sore throat in a long time!  She's even had a little more energy and is finally getting a little color back in her cheeks (unfortunately, they are getting the "steroid look", the puffiness is there again and Abby hates it!).  Abby has gone to school for 1/2 the day both yesterday and today and then she comes home and sleeps for a few hours, it just wears her out.  The bad and frustrating thing is that they decided to try to wean Abby off of one of her medications that could possibly be giving her headaches.  It's a med that she also takes for her pulmonary hypertension, so they increased her blood pressure med and added another med that would hopefully take the place of this med.  But, the last 2 days she's had her swelling back in her feet and legs, really bad, worse than ever!  I can't believe that going off of only 1/2 of a pill can make that much of a difference, but I guess it can.  She was supposed to completely go off of it tomorrow, but I'm thinking that might change now.  I'll have to call the transplant team tomorrow morning and see what they want to do.  Not only that, but she's still getting headaches too.  We will find the right combo of meds for Abby to feel the best, it's just taking some time.
     For me, this week has been completely overwhelming.  I've just had too much that I've had to do.  I missed 6 days of school the past 2 weeks and I had to get caught up there.  Not only that, but 
the trimester ends this Friday so I really need to be caught up so that my grades will be done in time.  Plus, we leave on Thursday to go back to Salt Lake so I need to be done before I leave, and I need to be ready to miss school on Friday again. I also came back with an email telling me that I have to fill out all of the paperwork for FMLA again because I've missed 6 days of school already, the bad thing is that it all needs to be filled out and turned in before I leave.  I've also had to get Abby's meds all filled and ready and because she's taking meds 4 times a day again, I have to constantly be reminding her. We're also supposed to be watching her pulse and blood pressure and her GI issues real closely too so that's always on my mind.   I've been getting caught up with laundry and cleaning around here since I was gone all last week and we will be leaving again in 2 days.  I've been trying to pay all of my bills since it's the beginning of the month, that's always fun, especially when you come home to a mailbox full of medical bills. Brock and Abby have SEP's today and tomorrow and I have to go to those.  I had time to go to Brock's today, hopefully, I'll make Abby's tomorrow.  I've also been trying to prepare my young women's lesson for Sunday-which is on using your time wisely, HA, now that's funny!  There's just a lot of stuff to do and to think about, and this is one of those weeks that I start thinking that maybe it's too much for just one person.  What happens if I just wake up one day and I'm too tired to keep doing it all?  I know that's not an option, I know that I'll just keep plugging away, but honestly, I'm tired.  It's been a long and hard couple of weeks and it's wiped me out completely.  But, it's not over yet so I better just keep on going until I can't go anymore.  I will just keep doing the best that I can and then hope and pray that that's enough.  

     Last week I forgot to thank those of you that brought Britt and Brock dinners while we were gone, so I'm thanking you now.  I do appreciate it, and so do they....... a lot.  Also, thanks to those of you that included Abby in your fast last Sunday, it meant a lot to us to hear from so many of you that were thinking about her.  Abby also had a very special priesthood blessing from the bishopric in our ward on Sunday, it was perfect, and we are so thankful for that.  I think that on Friday we're going to get the news that she is no longer in rejection and she's going to turn the corner on this yucky bug she's had for last 3 weeks!  We're ready for only good news and smooth sailing!

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